on-page-seo-relevance-infosystemsOur on-page search optimization solution includes:

Audience Targeting and Segmentation
Geographic: region, area size, climate, urban/suburban/rural, and domestic/international Demographic: age, gender, income, occupation, ethnicity, social class, family status, and education

Psychographic: attitudinal traits exhibited during the customer’s approach to life, including his or her activities, values, opinions, and interests

Behavioral: brand loyalty, benefits, and occasions

Comprehensive Keyword Intelligence
Keyword optimization involves proper keyword selection and placement based upon comprehensive keyword research.

Many website owners get frustrated with search engine marketing due to poor results. The biggest search engine marketing mistake is made right from the start. That optimization mistake: implementation of search engine marketing optimization of the wrong keywords.

Competitive Intelligence and Site Analysis Adopt
a strategic approach to the use of competitive intelligence; to see the intelligence function as an integral part of strategy formulation
Show how competitive intelligence is used by firms to achieve competitive advantage

Examine the process, the tools, and the output